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  • David A. (Wednesday, February 15 17 10:44 am EST)

    This was a great diversion from work. I spent an hour going through every picture and story looking for familiar faces and airplanes. My dad kept a couple of airplanes at ISZ through the 70s and 80s and I remember many hours as a kid playing in the terminal building while my dad and Moose talked. I still remember that old pull-bottle Coke machine.

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  • Nathan (Thursday, July 02 15 04:19 pm EDT)

    I was to Blue Ash in summer of 2001 for the AYA (Grumman). Noticed an orange AA-5 parked out in the grass. Whatever became of it?

  • Bryan Zollinger (Saturday, April 25 15 02:06 am EDT)

    Just Stopped By the Website as I am a new CareFlight Pilot who will be flying planes locally too.

  • Bill Sikute (Monday, December 15 14 12:10 pm EST)

    Geez...I would have been nicer to you if I had known you were going to say nice things about me on your website!

  • Dave (Friday, October 31 14 08:18 pm EDT)

    Love the web site. Enjoy the pics and tales. I'll come back to see what's new. Hope all is good with you and your family. Hope to see you soon.

  • don grieco (Monday, July 22 13 05:56 pm EDT)

    good web page

  • Tom Walker (Sunday, May 19 13 09:51 pm EDT)

    Thanks for the site, it is very nice.

    Ralph and now you have been really important for the Neutrons.

  • Peter York (Friday, May 03 13 07:57 pm EDT)

    From 1984 until today, Ralph and you guys have been the best.

  • Rebecca Sandlin Coleman (Wednesday, May 01 13 10:55 pm EDT)

    Wow! Mark you have done an excellent job on your website. Very impressive! I am very Proud of you Little Brother.
    I have some stories, many, you can add to your website as well. Remembering all the good times.

  • Kathy (Tuesday, March 19 13 04:28 pm EDT)

    Many thanks for putting this together, Mark. I really enjoyed the trip down memory lane. I can't wait to show Betty!

  • Jack Stull (Wednesday, March 13 13 01:44 pm EDT)

    Excellent site Mark...really enjoyed it.

  • Dave (Thursday, March 07 13 10:00 pm EST)


    This is an excellent read. Thank you for taking the time to put it together. It was time well spent. Love the pictures!

  • President Obama (Wednesday, December 12 12 12:06 pm EST)

    Hi Mark and Phil. Did you get your free cell phone yet ?

  • You know who (Friday, December 07 12 06:38 pm EST)

    what! no pictures of '3ZM? love this site!