The Flying Neutrons Inc.

We have had a relationship with the Neutrons since the very beginning of the club. I can't even begin to name all the awesome people that have been a part them. They are probably one of the longest lasting clubs in the area. When Blue Ash Airport closed, they moved to Warren County (I-68) also. Each of their aircraft are in a brand new set of t-hangars with a clubroom on the end. Instead of me trying to tell you about them, just head on over to their website at

Neutrons 182
Neutrons Arrow. N8FN.

FNI Cessna 120 circa 1957. Hey Neutrons, who's in the picture?

Probably the first Neutron airplane I can remember working on.

An old picture of some neutrons in front of Bonanza N6FN. 6FN was totalled when it's crankshaft failed (new style crank I might add) in Bloomington, Indiana. Luckily no one was seriously hurt.